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Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Tutorial/Star Card

Creating a Star Card is so much fun and when you have finished, it makes one wonderful project that make people say "how'd you do that?"...  I've made romantic Star Cards, full of roses and lovely sentiments and loaded with ribbons and love...,...birthday Star Cards full of balloons and stars, and party favors that delight.  Here is my Halloween Star Card.  I hope you will make one of these.   Star Cards can be made up of 7 sections, and each section may have two or three layers of paper that can be decorated.  
This card has 2 and 3 layers in some of the sections. 
You will need: 14 pieces of cardstock, 8-1/2x11. Fold each sheet in half and cut in the center. You will need 21 A-2 size cards.  I precut some of the die cuts, papers, sentiments, embellishments. In this case, I used the Cricut Paper Dolls Dress Up cartridge sold right here at DCRU.  I nest each section together with all three cards and that section is decorated all at once.   This reminds you to make all of the peeking windows and decorations before the card is totally assembled.  

Your outside layer will consist of the folded card that is 5-1/2x3-1/2. .  The second layer will be sized  to 5-1/2x3-3/4.  The third layer is the inside  and it will be left at the original 5-1/2x4-1/4 A2 Size. . You may decorate all 3 layers on each section from the inside out, so to speak.  These sections are made for peeking into.  I decorate the largest layer first.  This will be the inside card.  Your second layer can also have decorations but you will need to make a peeking window. This will  be a smaller window than the outside layer.  Here I have folded the second layer card in half, and I placed a circle scalloped Nestie on the fold, with only half of the Nestie sitting on the cardstock.  Now you are ready to cut a peeking window on the outer layer and the window will be larger than the second layer. These three pages will give the section dimension and depth.
I have placed pattern paper on the inside layer and a pumpkin die cut.  The second layer with the peeking window will allow the die cut to peek through.  I will take the outside layer, cut a peeking window even larger, and add a sentiment, pattern paper, or die cut.  
Now comes the fun which is the assembly of the layers to each other.  This is done by gluing the outside edge of the largest card to the outside edge of the second layer.   Glue one side, and then you will pull the edge over to the edge of the other side...  This creates a depth.  If you have opted for a third layer, do the same.  Glue the outside edges to each other.  Now you have a section with 2 or 3 layers and a nice peeking window that shows decorations inside. 
When all seven sections are decorated you will attach them to each other by gluing the back of each section to the back of the next section.  
You will need a cover.  I used chipboard and covered it with pattern paper.  You may use any kind of glue, but I have used  a book binding glue.  I cut the cover just about an eighth of an inch larger than the A2 card size.  When the front and back covers are done , glue a tying ribbon to the inside of the front and back cover...and now you will now glue the back of the first section to the front cover, and glue the back of the last section to the back cover.  
The Star Card will fold up and tie.  And for display, you open the card, swing the front to the back, tie the ribbon and it displays as a star. 
I hope you have enjoyed my very first tutorial for Die Cuts R Us...  Try a Star Card and give me the link so I can see it.....


jeni@pnkgeeni said...

Cool. Definitely bookmarking for later use.

CelticWoman said...

Oh Carole, what a wonderful project and love that you did a Halloween Star, can hardly wait to try this. Hugs

DonnaMundinger said...

PERFECT Carole! Last week I was thinking about your star card and went back to the link on your blog for HGTV and the instructions were nowhere to be found. I must have spent an hour and a half looking for Carol Duvall's show on this(boy do they need a better system there). I know I could have emailed you but I know you're a busy gal. Anyway THANK YOU SO MUCH for this! Can't WAIT to try it! Hugs, D

Kris L said...

Wowser! I love your star cards - great directions...Kris

Gwen said...

Wonderful! Carole, that is so sweet. I can't wait to try this technique with a fun projects for my kids. They'll love it! I think we'll have to make one for Mom of the two little ones I sit for...she could use something fun to take to work and this would be just perfect.

Great tutorial!


1CardCreator said...

Wow Carole, this is awesome! I have never seen this, the card is spectacular! You are totally the queen of Tutorials!I will definitely give this one a try! Thanks for sharing.
~Diane (DCRU DT) <(*<*)>

Yvette said...

These are awesome!! I've definitely got to try this! TFS!

Margie said...

Wonderful tutorial! I love that it is a card!
TFS :*) margie

Judy said...

This is totally awesome, Carole.

Cara said...

Oh, my! That is fabulous, Carole!!
Cara (I'm back!!)

Anita said...

Carole you did an awesome job with this tutorial! You are such a talented lady!! Anita

Anonymous said...

great tutorial and great card. thank you so much for sharing.


Anonymous said...

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