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Monday, August 17, 2009

Miscellaneous Copic Info

Copics!!! Copics!!! Copics!!!

Why choose COPIC???
No other markers have such a large color range and such unique high quality features. Copics are guaranteed to not dry out (for 3 years), they are refillable and have replaceable nibs (tips). There were 322 colors, they have just added 12 more brilliant soft pastel-like colors!!! These markers are also non-toxic, alcohol based and acid-free!!!

The numerous "family-like" colors make it easier to create realistic shading and texture... Here's a really quick sample that I made up today, please bear with me, I am still a beginner ;) and I still have lots to learn and definitely need more practice!
As I was searching for some Copic info, I came across numerous helpful tips... the one that struck me the most, that I wish I had known when I had started my Copic collection is... when buying Copics, try to buy colors that are grouped together. For example, I have just been collecting colors that I like so I can color my images, which is not what these markers are made for... it is highly recommended that you buy sets of related colors for blending and shading coloring, for a more realistic looking picture. For example, you would want to buy greens that blend for grass/trees, beige's for skin tones, blues for skies/eyes, etc.
Here is a sample of a real professional Copic user...
C.F. Payne is an artist-illustrator whose artwork has graced the covers of Time Magazine, Readers Digest, Sports Illustrated and other famous papers.
Amazing work, isn't it?! So life-like and realistic...
If you search the web, you will find tons of helpful tutorials on how to color with certain colors or how to color certain specific things like skin tones, black hair and red apples. Apparently, the most difficult colors to work with other than blacks and greys are reds and pinks! Which is probably why I am so not happy with my little Hippie Anya, lol!
So, what do you think of Copics???
They're on sale right now in the Die Cuts R Us Store!!! It's a steal at $2.99 each!!!
Don't miss out!!!
BTW! The Greeting Farm Stamps are now being sold in the Die Cuts R Us Store too!!! They're on sale, so hurry and give them all a new home ;)
(Pics and info courtesy of Wikipedia.org and CopicMarker.com)


1CardCreator said...

Thanks Margie, that is some really helpful information. I had no idea they would last so long and that they were refillable and have replaceable tips. Great for the planet too! And your info on how to buy is so helpful. I was thinking about buying some but I had no idea what colors to start with, and with the sale at Die Cuts R Us . for 2.99 ea, I can't afford not too!
~Diane (DCRU DT) <(*<*)>

the whimsical butterfly said...

I love my Copics-they're fantastic! Thanks for a fun post!

Claudia @ Die Cuts R Us said...

Margie, Thanks for the great information! I am new to Copics myself; still working on blending colors.

Claudia (DCRU)

Yvette said...

Great info!! I love my Copics too, but am a little intimidated by them! :)

Margie said...

Ooo! I just found another great tip ;)
Always try to work with your darker coloring for shading first, and then build up to the lighter shades for blending... just watched a tutorial on YouTube, hee hee!

Crayola58 said...

The tuorial is fantastic on YouTube, I've watched it a LOT. I worry about my coloring because I have hand problems.

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