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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Organizing & Storing Embellishments...

Need some help organizing and storing your embellishments???

I sure do! I just moved 2 weeks ago, and I am in desperate need of ideas on how to store all of my embellishments - ribbon, buttons, inks, brads, stickers, etc. into one area... I must have changed things around about 4 times already, and I cannot get everything to lay without it all spilling over and creating more of a mess on top of the messes I am creating while trying to create!

I am turning to you and my team for ideas :) Here is what some of our Die Cuts R Us Team Members had to share...

For ribbon...

For someone who has a space and a large amount of ribbon, you are going to love what Diane's wonderful DH created! It's a "Ribbon Rod/Holder"! How sweet and talented is he :) It holds over 90 different rolls!

For someone who has a small amount of ribbon and space, this handmade "Ribbon Bag" is perfect and also portable! Costing less than $5, who can resist! Gwen made this using a make up case and punched holes in it using her Crop-a-dile Big Bite. Saving about $15 of what the "brand name" version retails for. I am all about saving some $! We want to spend it on my scrappy stuff, right?! ;)

Someone with a medium amount of space and ribbon, like Carole, can use medium to large baskets on shelves. Most baskets can be found at reasonable prices at dollar stores, Target and Wal-Mart, etc. Very handy and can be portable too!

Next we have a small embellishment storage idea from Cara... It is a craft organizer with 32 little drawers and 12 larger drawers. Cara labeled each drawer with its contents - brads, eyelets, buttons, acrylic jewels, hardware, etc. It sits on her table against her dresser so everything is accessible when needed.

For paper... as seen in Diane's closet ;) I've noticed that most crafters prefer to organize their papers flat and by color; This is such an organized way to store it all if you have the room. I love those visible drawers and racks.
Some other ideas are storing your paper in hanging racks, desk folders and if you like to recycle, Cara suggests using clean Priority Mail boxes! All you have to do is stand it up on its side, cut one side on a slant so the boxes resemble magazine holders and store your lovely papers. This idea also saves you a bit of space.

Here are some ways to storing inks, embossing powders, glitter, and other things of that nature... Diane uses a small shelf that she purchased from a garage sale to hold her inks. She then stores the ink pads upside down to keep them fresh longer! How wise!!! She also labels them upside down in order to keep better track of her colors. Diane also stores her glitter and embossing powders upside down too, in a drawer for easy access. This is a wonderful idea! - we all want to be able to get the most out of all our products ;)

... and here is a wonderful idea to store your acrylic stamps! Empty, clear CD cases on a CD holder! Most crafters, myself included, use the original packaging for their acrylic stamps. But I have noticed that most original packaging doesn't last too long since most of the time it's not sturdy enough. I love the CD case idea. I've also seen some people make binders using different kinds of "pages" to flip through and organize their stamps.

Other ideas for different embellishments:

For buttons, brads, eyelets, etc... you can use candy jars, cookie trays,

For punches... towel racks, shoe racks or shoe holders that hang behind doors, desk drawers, shoe boxes and large baskets.

Also, another idea that someone had mentioned, and I'm sorry, I don't remember who ;) so please forgive me for not giving credit...
If you're into color coordinating everything you can take different size shoe boxes, or plastic bins/storage boxes and color coordinate your embellies by color! One box can hold all pink ribbon, buttons, brads, etc. and so on! I think that this could be a very useful way of storing your items; especially if you are very matchy-matchy ;)

I hope that some of this info has helped some of you! It certainly has helped me out a whole lot! I cannot wait to get to the store this weekend ;)

I'd like to take a moment and thank my team for sending me all of their brilliant ideas and pics to share with all of us! :) Thank You!!!

Any more ideas before I head out this weekend to pick up my storage supplies???
Please share with us!!!


Crayola58 said...

Oh wow, I so enjoyed this write up. Margie. I loved seeing all the photos and different methods for storing our addictions..... Some really great ideas and a great article...!!!

Amber said...

Great post Margie!!! And so helpful. I'm the queen of trying to reorgranize, but everything just gets messed up again. The girls have some great ideas. Love Diane's ribbon holder!

Gwen said...

Margie...you are right...this is a lot of information but it is FANTASTIC information. I'm impressed with everyone's ideas...you'll have to post pics of your new craft space with all of your new organizational methods. I bet it will be Great!


Cara said...

Margie, Great post with lots of creative ways to utilize our craft space. Best of luck finding new homes for your crafty goodies!

1CardCreator said...

I really enjoyed your post Margie! So many wonderful ideas all in one place! One thing I did notice with all of our areas, is that we all had room for more! Hmm... did you notice that too Claudia? Have lots of fun settling in to your new home, I'm sure you will have the best craft space of all with all these great ideas in your head.
~Diane (DCRU DT) <(*<*)>

the whimsical butterfly said...

Great post and some great ideas from the DT!

Margie said...

I agree, Diane! There is always room for more ;)
I was able to go to Target today!!!
I may finish my spot by tomorrow! Yea!
Thanx again for all your help ladies! :*)

Yvette said...

These are ALL great ideas! TFS everyone!!! :)

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