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Friday, September 18, 2009


Hello friends! I'm sorry I'm late with today's tutorial, but here it is :)
Let me introduce to you to Slice from Making Memories...
... sigh... isn't the new Pink Slice beautiful?!

And here is a pic of the original Slice, my lil buddy ;)

The only difference between the two machines is the color and that the Pink Slice comes with 2 design cards and is a Limited Edition supporting breast cancer research.

The Slice comes with a 6x6 glass mat that fits perfectly underneath the machine, which is the same convenient size. You do have the option to purchase the larger 12x12 glass mat, which is perfect for creating multiple projects at the same time.
So let's get started ;)
Here you can see that you have to add the Making Memories Repositionable Adhesive glue to the glass mat. A little goes a long way! I dab a few dots then spread it on the mat using a foam brush. The best thing about this glue is that it is washable! Just rub and rinse under some warm water and it's all clean.

While applying the glue, you will notice that it goes on slippery and white... it just takes a few seconds for it to dry clear and become sticky.

Select your design card and click it in to the back of your Slice. There you will notice th small on/off button and the green side button is used for when you are ready to Slice!
Here's what your screen will look like when you turn it on.

... and here is your menu screen.

Here is the image that I selected.

Once you push the Select button, the Slice will align itself and tell you when it is ready to slice (cut).

Once you are ready to slice, you will hold down your machine, no pressure, just holding it down enough that it won't slide around, and then click on the side green button that you saw in the above picture. The Slice will indicate to you on its screen that it is working and slicing away ;)

Slicing is all done! You will use your spatula to remove the excess paper first...

... and then here is your image! Use your spatula again to remove your image :)

And here it is!!!

And here's my finished card using only my Slice inside and out! The Just Chillin desing cards Star, waving Robot, words...

... and smiley face!
Die Cuts R Us Store products used:
- Making Memories Slice, using Just Chillin Teen Design Card
I hope you enjoyed my simple tutorial!!!
Please don't hesitate to contact any of us or Claudia with any questions, help and more ideas!!!


1CardCreator said...

Thanks for explaining it Margie, good job! ~Diane DCRU DT

Gwen said...

Very informative, Margie. I wasn't sure how those little things would work. Love the step by step pics...makes it so much easier to figure out.


Cara said...

Love it! Nice tutorial, Margie!! Have fun with your new Slice!

- - Sheryl - - said...

I saw a DEMO at a local ACM store - we got to use it - but were confused on placement of the item in the window to where it was going to cut.

Crayola58 said...

Nice post, Margie. great photos...

margie c said...

Thanks everyone :)

Placing the Slice in the right spot takes a bit of practice; when using the 6x6 you just line it up since the glass mat is the same size - you do waste about an inch around the image... using the 12x12 glass mat, you would start by lining up it up on a corner and then working the Slice around the mat, you do get the most out of your paper using the larger mat ;)

Hope this helps!!!

Amber said...

Margie what a great tutorial! I've never used a slice or seen a demo, but now I REALLY would love to have the pink one:) Love how you made the steps easy to understand!

Amanda Profumo said...

Wonderful tutorial! I just may need to go get this item... love your card creation too!

the whimsical butterfly said...

What a fantastic tutorial! So many wonderful photos and that slice looks tempting, Margie! LOVE IT!

CelticWoman said...

wow, great info on the Slice, thanks so much for the time that went into this wonderful tutorial. Sandi

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