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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WOW! Working on Wednesday and DT NEWS!!!!

Welcome to Working On Wednesday! (WOW!) Every Wednesday we ask for you to share with the bloggy world what you are working on today! We also invite you to visit the Design Team blogs listed below to see what we are up to! Some have great projects, some tutorials, some giveaways, blog candy, and some have great reviews and info on new trends & techniques! Become of follower of each of the blogs too! Feel free to leave a link to your blog to show a current project, ask questions, announce a giveaway you are having, etc. Working on Wednesday is meant to be fun! So, let's hear it!
On another note, our DT member Diane has decided to step down. We wish her all the best and thank her for 8 weeks of fab fun.
With that, we welcome a NEW DT member today!!!
Say hello to SARABETH!!!!
Visit her blog and welcome her as she joins our great group!!
Can't wait to see what you are working on!! (Hopefully it's this week's challenge or your next DCRU order :)
P.S.- Have you seen the new items for September? WOW!


Cara said...

Wishing Diane good things!! A big welcome to Sarabeth!!
This morn I'll be at a dear friend's mother's viewing. My kids have been sick so I've got a few things I have to catch up on today (food shopping seems priority!) I need to start a Christmas order for someone. Faalaalaa!

- - Sheryl - - said...

Welcome Sarabeth - best of luck to Diane.
WOW .... I need to finish two swaps I am in and see what else I need to finish up. As far as personal life - luckily no appointments today.
Maybe make a few fall cards, I just finished making 5 FALL banners for family members and delivered or mailed them yesterday since fall season just started.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Welcome to the team, Sarah Beth!

margie c said...

Welcome to the team, Sarabeth!

Wednesday's are always my 'catch-up' day, since DH is home and can 'supposedly' help out ;)

Need to vacuum! lol! and then hopefully work on finishing some projects I started a few weeks ago!

Hope y'all have a Happy Humpy Day!!!

Gwen said...


Laundry, (feel like the Anya "laundry" stamp looks), rest, clean living room up (the kids have totally taken advantage of my tired state...toys every where), rest, try to do something crafty...rest.

The best of wishes to Diane, I'm going to miss you.


Crayola58 said...

Best of luck to Diane. Welcome to Sarabeth. Today I will be embroidering on my 15 new tee shirts and finishing up the 6 embroidery totes for Etsy shop, and...pay bills. Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.

Claudia @ Die Cuts R Us said...

Thank you so much for all the wonderful projects you created for the design team, and those wonderful tutorials!

Welcome aboard Sarabeth! So glad to have you on the team!

I have a super busy day! I am in the process of adding Basic Grey products to the store: Indian Summer and Eskimo Kisses collections. I have orders to package and ship out today. Oh, and its my sister's birthday so the whole family is coming over for dinner. Eek! Think I will have to clear off on end of the dinner table; I've been using it as my crafty space.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Claudia (DCRU)

Margie said...

I've been a big fan of Carole's ever since I first saw her work and I try not to miss anything going on over on her blog! She has such a unique, fun style and in my opinion, she is the master of the white opaque pen! I'm off to check out the other DT blogs! I'm mostly working on Halloween projects and here's a link to my blog if you care to see some of them. Thanks! www.bellabugcreations.blogspot.com

Yvette said...

Welcome Sarabeth!!! :)

Today I will be finishing up some "crafty" projects, doing laundry, and running errands.

Sara said...

Hi everyone!!! Thanks for the welcome :) This is definitely going to be fun!

Today I am working :(
So my days are a little quiet online, but I am trying my best to pay everyone I can a little visit.

I will be setting my schedule for my DT work and other projects I am working on; I will be getting my stuffies prepared for my 1st day of school tomorrow AND catching up on reading. I also plan on getting some running done with my pup :)


Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


LORi said...

Blessings Diane!!! Welcome to their team Sarabeth!

Amber said...

We will miss you Diane, you are amazingly talented!
Welcome to the team SaraBeth, so excited to get to know you!
I've been crafting most of the day. And finishing a tutorial for Friday - don't forget to check it out here! I also have been cooking. I made a homemade chicken pot pie that was delicious! Will have to post the recipe on my blog.

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