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Monday, November 9, 2009

Quickutz Embossing

Oh, wait...did I hear that correctly? I can emboss my projects with Quickutz? Oh, yeah...you heard right!

If you've been around the Quickutz circuit for a while then you probably know that they used to carry metal embossers in a 2x2 size and also a 4x4 size. Very great...very durable...very retired! But don't fret, my fine crafting friends..."they're back"...and even better than ever.

QK has brought the embossing life back into there products. Not only are they offering the 2x2 embossers for smaller projects like embossed alphas or shapes, etc.; they are offering a fuller A-2 sized folder as well. (These are comparable to the size of another brand that starts with the letter "C". ) The folders are now made from a plastic material (also used by other companies), this cuts the costs...A LOT! You can pick these babies up for for under $5.00!

Even though they are plastic, they are durable, they hold up as well as any other embossing folder that I've abused. Oh, and did I mention that QK made them a light blue color, not only is this aesthetically delightful it makes for great color recognition when organizing. (I try to keep my brands separate when organizing maybe I'm just more OCD than most but I have to do it.)So, now that you have a brief over view of the product...let's check out some pics. Here is what my little collection of QK embossing folders look like. (I've got more on the wish list too.)

We will be using the QK Dots Embossing Folder. Look at how well the embossing pops.

Here is our end result:

With so many great patterns to choose from, you are sure to find one (or a dozen) that would be a perfect addition to your crafting corner.

Hope to see you tomorrow for our Tuesday Challenge...we have some exciting design team examples to share with you.




Cara said...

Gwen, I didn't know there were 2x2 embossing folders! Perfect for my mini card sets!! Thanks for a fab spotlight. Look forward to seeing the designs tomorrow. Hope you feel better!

LORi said...

Great Spotlight Gwen!!!

Amber said...

Wonderful Spotlight Gwen!!!!

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