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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WOW!- Working On Wednesday

Welcome to Working On Wednesday- (WOW!) Every Wednesday we ask for you to share with the bloggy world what you are working on today!
New question this week!
Here ya go:
What Is Your Favorite Holiday Color Combo?
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Have a happy scrappy day!!


Jenn K said...

I would have to say my favorite Holiday color combo would have to be Fun bright colors. Bright Pinks, Bright turquoise blues and Electric green...That is my Fun cheery side. For a more tradition color set I LOVE Silvers, Icey Blues and Winter White....Beautiful!

Amber said...

I love pink and sage green together on Christmas cards. It such nontraditional colors and I love them! As far as decorating, I've went with silvers and icy colors too.

Cammy said...

I really like the non-traditional pink & turquoise combos for Christmas. I also like the traditional -- I really like using silver with snowflakes.

I just finished a pretty big project -- an Christmas countdown calendar.

Now, I need to work on a bunch of perpetual calendars and teacher gifts! Anyone have a few extra hours to send my way? :)

Cara said...

I like the traditional red and green but more like crimson and evergreen. I just finished decorating and cleaning my house. Yay!!

Gwen said...

I'm not a holiday color person but a seasonal person. I enjoy the rare occassions in Ohio when we have snow everywhere and the cardinals and bluejays are out and about. Those bright flashes of reds and blue against the wintry white blanket is beautiful.

It is also amazing when the street lights send irridescent sparkles across the snowdrifts. One of my favorite things about winter since the blizzard of 1978.

Now, what I really love is when we get freezing rains...yes, I said it...freezing rain. When everything around around is covered in ice, especially the trees, it makes everything look so mystical. Like an enchanted frozen wonderland.

Translated into a color spectrum: White, silver and pale blues with a splash of red.


margie c said...

I've always loved the traditional red and green colors :)
... but ever since my 5yo was born, I've always managed a snowman theme! There is just something so magical and whimsical when it comes to snow...

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