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Saturday, April 24, 2010

GDT - Melisa Kreamer

Water Bottle Flowers
By Melisa Kreamer

- You will need 1 water bottle for every flower you want to make. You want to use a water bottle with a bottom that looks like flower petals like this.

- Cut through the water bottle and cut off the bottom.

- You want to cut the flower pretty thin right to the indents of the bottom of the bottle. This will give you a thinner flower to sit on your project

- To create the indivdual petals cut into the side of the bottom of the bottle along the indents.

Only cut the sides for a fatter looking flower 

 or you can cut all the way down the indent for thinner flower petals.

- Flip over the flower and paint the concave side of the bottom. 

 For a see-thourgh mottled look only use 1 coat of paint. For a thicker more uniform color, you may need several coats of paint. I used acrylic craft paint for this.

- Once dry, flip the flower back over and decorate the center of your flower.

- Once done you flower is ready to be placed on your project. I made my flower for a
Mother's Day card.

Cardstock- Prism
Paper flowers- Mulberry Street
Digi Sentiment- TLC Creations

Melisa Kreamer

Thank you Melisa so much for giving us a new way to recycle all of those water bottles!
Please stop by Melisa's Blog and give her round of applause for doing
this very earth friendly project for us.

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SMiLES Y'all!


Margreet said...

such a fab idea..thanks for sharing this clear tutorial!
xxx Margreet

Ann said...

What a fab idea - thank you so much for sharing.
Ann xxx

Penni said...

Now that's clever !!!


DonnaMundinger said...

OMG! I NEVER in a million years would have thought of this and it's soo darn cute! Thanks for the inspiration! xxD

Cindy said...

Great idea! My grands used to come home from daycare with painted art where they dipped the bottom of the bottle in paint and stamped a flower on the paper. Perfect flowers for those little hands. Never thought to use it in cards or actually cut the 'flower' off the bottle and use it!

Courtney said...

This is absolutely ADORABLE...Thanks for the tutorial, I can not wait to try this!


Diana Joy said...

great idea. I'm sitting here with one of those types of bottles next to me right now and will give this a try.

cristinoel said...

That's quite clever and looks really nice.

Cara said...

Super cute, Melissa! Thanks for sharing!!

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