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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Deluxe Curlz Set- Monograms

Happy Monday everyone! It is with MUCH pleasure I bring you the first of many great Monday Feature Posts here on the Design Team Blog! The Monday Feature will spotlight some great new hot products available
to you at Die Cuts R Us! Now, on with it:)
I love the girly curlz font and when I saw this stamp kit, I was SOLD!
There is something timeless and classic about a monogram. Whether it be the embroidery on a set of towels for a soon to be set of newlyweds, or the elegant look on stationary- a monogram NEVER goes out of style!
Did you know that there is monogram etiquette? Sure is! For example, if you are using the monogram of one person, myself for example, it is customary to use the form we are all most familiar with: First name, Married/Last name, Middle Name/Maiden Name. For me:
The only time it is every proper to use the letters in order is if all the letters are the same size. Example:
For a married couple, Sammye Jo & Dustin, Female First, Last Name, Husband:
Now, the one I NEVER knew! (My mom would love to see me admitting that there are some things I do not know :)lol)
If a couple is engaged. They share a 2 letter monogram. Dana and Luke for example. Before the wedding,
After the wedding they can proudly show their married monogram.
Here is an example of a few cards I created with this great Deluxe Curlz Set!
I also used the Glue Glider (which may I add, I really adore) and Cuttlebug Embossings Folders!

So share- do you have an item that is monogrammed that you love?


Amber said...

How interesting Sammye Jo, I had no clue what the rules for monograms were! You have changed my card making life for the better:) Love your cards, the Curlz stamps are fab and I love the embossing!

Karen L said...

Believe it or not I actually also have the Deluxe Curlz set and I've been using it to make note cards for gifts! THe monograms are also great to use on scrapbook layouts and gift tags!

1CardCreator said...

Sammye Jo, love the fancy borders on the Curlz Monogram set, your cards are so classy and elegant looking! Thanks for sharing the monogram etiquette,thats so interesting.

Cara said...

Just gorgeous! I love the embossing on your cards, too. Adds such a nice touch of elegance :o) I'm off to the DCRU Store to see what a glue glider is...never heard of it.

CelticWoman said...

monograms are timeless and am so enjoying the resurgence in the last few years, these examples are gorgeous and thanks for posting the etiquette, always nice to have a refresher course. Sandi

62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

Karen- I better see you enter the challenge tomorrow if you are a pro with the set!!! :)

Claudia @ Die Cuts R Us said...

Those cards are beautiful Sammye Jo! Thanks for the tutorial. I for one, had no idea there is monogram ettiquette.

Gwen said...

I feel like I learned something today. I had no idea...Your cards are lovely. Great colors! I'm thinking a set of these stamps is in my future.


Sara said...

thanks for sharing cause I had no clue lol :)

beautiful cards :)


Yvette said...

I've learned something new today as well about monograms! Great to know!

Your cards look great as usual!

Have a great day!

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