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Monday, September 7, 2009

Pop Up Cards Gossip

Happy Labor Day everyone!

(Whispering)..."do YOU do pop up cards"?....  "pssst, not me"....!   I have taught many classes on many techniques but one of my fav classes to teach are pop up cards.  I generally stick to teaching the beginner kind...those simple pop up cards that almost always reward the giver to a gasp when the card is opened by the recipient.  I absolutely delight when the class is over and the students are so proud of their card they are making plans to do 100 more to send to everyone they know.  And then the whisperings are louder, and the comment is "Wow, look what I did..."

There are so  many styles of pop up cards...from the simple snip and pull to the elaborate- delicate-intricate cards that bring the highest degrees of gasps when opened.  Yes, they are a lot of work but oh the result is well worth the time spent.  

Today I am just going to show you the gatherings of materials for  a simple pop up card because tomorrow I am conducting a pop up card challenge. I will then ask the visitors  to make one and link it up so we can admire.  If you have never done a pop up card, you will have fun doing these....and I bet you will make a lot of them once you see how easy they are.  And I will show you how on Tuesday.  For those who make pop up cards of any style, I hope you will show us your cards ...

Pop up cards have a varied list of supplies from die cuts, stickers, rubber stamps, embellishments, ribbons and charms.  The cards I selected in the assortment above are pre-made cards.  I just simply make a separate insert that has the necessary slits to accommodate the pop up "shelf".  Glue that into the inside  fold of the base card and you now have a shelf that you will use to glue the pop up art.  In one case, I used the rubber stamp image of the darling little bath baby and on the second card I used the stamped sentiment.  I am also including in the pop up samples a "hang off title".  I simply attach words or sentiments to the very edge of the pop up section.  These have been created by using Cricut font cartridges which are sold right here at Die Cuts R Us.  The inserts you see above are smaller ones, but you can make it any size you want.  The one thing you really want to watch is the attachment to the shelf to make sure that when the card is folded, the attachment does not extend past the card edge.   I get so excited making the pop up art that I over-do and when I fold the card, I find that I have not been paying attention to the limits on the inside of the card. 

So happy you stopped by to read the gossip line of pop up cards and I hope you will stop back on Tuesday for the Pop Up Card Challenge...  Please join in and make a card for us to see. 


CelticWoman said...

I hope everyone knows how lucky DCRus is to have you on their team, your tutorials, examples and sharings are soooo very wonderful. Of course when you get to be our age, there is always something to share. Thanks and will try to give this a try this week. Sandi

1CardCreator said...

Excellent post Carole! I can't wait to come back tomorrow to learn more from our Pro. And yes, we are very fortunate to have Carole on our team!
~Diane DCRU DT

- - Sheryl - - said...

I have many pop up books, but have not made one that I recall. I must make one thanks for the tutorial.

margie c said...

Awesome post, Carole! I think I'm starting to get the hang of it! I'm so bad at following directions, I think I keep missing step! If I make another worth sharing, I will! LOL!
Thanks!!! :*)

62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

Great post Carole!!!

Yvette said...

Oh fun!!! I've never made one, but would love to learn... so I can hardly wait till tomorrow!

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