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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Week Blessings - Gwen

In keeping with the theme of the week, it is my turn to share some things with our wonderful followers, that I am thankful for. Our regular blog format will resume next week, but please take a moment to look over the postings of this week...we have some very special design team members that have so much to be grateful for. Their work is inspiring and so are their touching words.

Thanksgiving is a compound word derived from the roots "thanks" and "giving" defined as: 1) the act of giving thanks; 2) a prayer expressing gratitude; 3) a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine goodness. Hmmm...As I ponder what this word means and how I have seen it defined in my own life, these are the things that come to mind. (They are in no particular order.)

Free Will - Forgiveness - The Ransom Sacrifice of Christ Jesus

Memories: Especially those of my grandparents, Anna and Howard. I wish I could teach my girls about them in a way that they could share the laughter, the scowls, the love and understanding. I miss them so much but I am so blessed to carry their memories with me.

Education: I had a public education and that may not mean a great deal to some, but the education I recieved is more than some have opportunity to. I don't want to take that for granted. I am also grateful for the education I am able to gain now, as an adult, the desire to learn is deeply rooted in me...I hope to always maintain the ability to learn and grow and experience.

My sight: I'm so blessed each day to wake up to the morning sun and see it dance little shadows across the faces of my girls. It is the most beautiful vision that I know, the faces of my daughters. Each one unique, each one a miracle to me and the most precious gift from God.

Variety: It is the spice of life! Variety of tastes, seasons, colors, friends, opinions, I could go on endlessly, but I won't. I am ever thankful for the blossoms of spring and the russets of fall; the frosted patterns on window panes in the winter and the crickets singing on a starry summer night.


Patience: My husband seems to have and endless supply and he needs it...I'm the hardest person to live with and I'm thankful for his tolerance.

Humor/Laughter: Tears can erode your soul, but in my experience...the quickest way to heal is through laughter shared with loved ones. I'm so blessed to have had one true friend, one great friend, that has been helping me to laugh through perils for thrity years. I love you, Sheryl.

Caffeine...nuff said!

Here is my version of the mini album that we are all sharing this week.

American Crafts Papers
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Thank you all for your support of the DCRU DT Blog. If you have something that you would like to share with us, something that you are thankful for, please leave us a comment below or a link to your blog post. I look forward to reading them. Don't forget to stop by and visit our design team members (found at the left side bar of this posting). Find out what they are all up to this busy time of year.

Smiles to all,



Julia Moss said...

Gwen, that was so beautiful.....your words are so touching and I just love your accordian book. thanks for sharing it with us.

the whimsical butterfly said...

Absolutely WONDERFUL post, and I am grateful for a lot of the same things so I can really relate to your post, and you are a great writer so your thoughts really are conveyed beautifully here, Gwen! Adorable album, too!

LORi said...

Just Beautiful Gwen!! My Thankful for list is so similar and it is encouraging to be teamed up with you...my DT sister, my friend!!!

Your album and photos are delightful!!!

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