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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Week Blessings-Jessica

Hey everyone,

It's me, Jess here...Happy Sunday to you all.  Did you all enjoy your Thanksgiving?

You know, when our little week of thanks was being put together by our AWESOME DT Coordie, SJ, I was thinking to myself..."post on a Sunday?  But...but...what if I have plans, it's the biggest SHOPPING weekend of the year, etc. etc.".  Well, first thing's first, of course there is auto-post haha, but you know something?  I didn't need it.

I quickly realized that every year, Thanskgiving seems to fall to the wayside faster than any other holiday because we are RIGHT into Christmas after that.   There seems to be no "basking" in Thanksgiving...like there are other times of the year.  Heck, I even make a longer celebration out of my birthday, LOL!

So this year, I decided to wait to put up the tree (although I did pick up a new one last night, but it's sitting quietly in the box ;), wait to start baking, etc., and DEFINITELY waited to start SHOPPING.  

It feels really good to bask in Thanksgiving this year...especially because I have SO, SO much to be thankful for.  I did, however, take some time to create this Quickutz Accordion book and decorate it with some adorable American Crafts DP, available at DieCutsRUs.   I added some UNITY stamps and the sentiments are from PTI.

If there is anything I am just GRATEFUL beyond words for, it's the GIFT of MOTHERHOOD to these FOUR amazing babies:

It's hard to put into words all of the wonderful  EMOTIONS that run through me when looking at these four faces and being Grateful for ALL that I have in my life...but while I'm sharing my four biggest treasures with you, here are a few more of my blessings:

I have a GOD who loves me for who I am...FORGIVES me for all my mistakes (and trust me, there are many!)...and who KEEPS me focused on the person I am still becoming...

I have a HUSBAND who loves me, supports me emotionally, financially, and even indulges my crafting hobbies...
I have FOUR amazingly beautiful CHILDREN who I cannot imagine 4 cooler human beings in this world...
I have wonderful PARENTS who love me unconditionally; who have demonstrated the strongest of marriages and the happiest of homelife for me growing up and who now live 2 minutes away from me...
I have a WONDERFUL new HOME that I never thought we would have  the privilege of owning and we are already creating so many happy memories here...
I have AMAZING FRIENDS....a few old, some new, and even blogging friends who enrich my world, inspire me as a person and encourage me as a papercrafter...
I have a JOB that I LOVE...that offers me a chance to stay home, do what I love (stamping) and even earn my family some money doing it...
I am GRATEFUL for MUSIC...DANCING...LAUGHTER.   The simple little things that mean so much to me.  I'm the kind of person who hears every lyric to every song and thinks about it...appreciates it...even lives it sometimes.   
I am GRATEFUL for TIME...each day we have is a GIFT and I so try to relish the time I have-whether it's spent with family, friends, crafting..all if it isn't possible without the gift of TIME.   

These are just a FEW things I am thankful for...I'm sure all the DT can agree that trying to list such wonderfully profound things is more difficult than it seems-there is just SO, SO much to be grateful for.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me today, and while you're around, please visit our other talented DT members and see what they're up to..We are all grateful for being a part of this team!
Jessica :)


DonnaMundinger said...

Such lovely thoughts Jessica! Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend. Your accordian album is precious! xxD

LORi said...

Cute Little album, Jess!!! Great stuff there Girl...loved the TIME one...that certainly is a blessing to be treasured!!

Thankful for you...LORi

Shesjetlagd said...

Sooooo super duper CUTE!! Is thar for their Auntie Debbie?? ;) he he

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