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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WOW!- Working On Wednesday!

Welcome to Working On Wednesday- (WOW!) Every Wednesday we ask for you to share with the bloggy world what you are working on today! New question this week!Here ya go:
Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving tradition? If so, SHARE!
We also invite you to visit the Design Team blogs listed below to see what we are up to! Some have great projects, some tutorials, some giveaways, blog candy, and some have great reviews and info on new trends & techniques! Become of follower of each of the blogs too! Feel free to leave a link to your blog to show a current project, ask questions, announce a giveaway you are having, etc. Working on Wednesday is meant to be fun! So, let's hear it!
Sammye Jo

Have a happy scrappy day!!


Tricia said...

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday of the year. I love that my family all comes to my house for the day. Everyone brings food to share and we eat ALL day. We also do Christmas presents for my side of the family because my Mom and dad leave the day after thanksgiving to go to Florida for the winter. We just have so many giggles

Wendy K. said...

Today I am working on calendars which I give as gifts every year for Christmas.

Cammy said...

Watching the Macy's parade is a my favorite tradition -- plus, my mom always made her pies the night before. Using the leftover dough, she would make these wonderful cinnamon-sugar baked crisps and I would have them for breakfast. The perfect way to start the morning.

Gwen said...

The past few years, my family has been able to gather at Mom's. This has been the only day we can all be there because of distance and work. So, for me, the closeness of family and the making of new memories. Not to mention all the laughter over the reminiscing...we were pretty silly kids, still are.


Amber said...

I love watching football on Thanksgiving. There's nothing better than sitting back with leftovers and watching the games!

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