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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crafty Cricut Time :)

Happy day everyone! It's Sammye Jo, your Inspiration hostess for today :)
It's no secret that I LOVE my Cricut Expression and all the goodies that go with it!
I think I use it daily. (For real. lol)
Did you know that Claudia carries several items for your Cricut! I know we all tell you about the card making goodies and embellies, but there are lots of GREAT Cricut products available at DCRU at 45% off regular price. NO JOKE!
A few of my favorites!
The markers! These are a STEAL at DCRU.  The doors to creativity fly open when you buy your first pack! Seriously. Just think about it. Everything you can cut, you can DRAW right onto the page!  I made this 2 page layout using my markers and the Don Juan Cartridge (also available at DCRU and it is HARD to find sometimes!!!)
Another fav in the DCRU, the TOOL KIT!

So very handy to have for all those little cuts! And the scraper makes cleaning of the scraps from the mat a breeze!
Another fav in the Cricut Department is the vinyl! DCRU Offers it in 5 different colors! I did a tutorial here back last year about using your Cricut and Vinyl to apply on a candleand another Cricut and vinyl post here!
Here are some super fun things I have made with the vinyl and my Cricut!
There are so many possibilities!!!!
And, if you do not own the Everyday Paper Dolls Cartridge, you should!!!

SO many cool cuts, ecspecially if you have kiddos!
Sharon, a Cricut Pro :) made this fab card using it!!!! How cool!
So, all you Cricut buffs out there--- what is your favorite Cricut cartridge, accessory, etc? Please share!!! We would love to hear from you!!!


PenLight said...

My favorite is George because I use it on nearly every project from cutting a perfect circle or square to using odd shape scraps to become useful. I don't care for the George font, but since I can make almost anything out of the shapes. I love it!

craft_princess said...

My fav cartridges are Storybook, Bag, Tags and Boxes, and the last one is Potpourri Basket. I love my cricut too! :)

Gwen said...

Great projects SJ. Love that little tin with the monkey.


Pauline said...

I adore my Cricut! I have one of the original versions so I've had it for years now. The cartridges I use most often are Doodletype, Tags, Bags, Boxes & More and George (for shapes). Great project examples. I, too, love the Monkey tin.

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